2019 All Conference Games

The GCYFL would like to thank Gene Perez and the Fillmore Organization for hosting an incredicle day of All Conference Games. The day went smoothly and our hosts were GREAT! The weather was almost perfect, just a little windy in the mid-morning. The BBQ was outstanding and the boys had a great time. It was truely a pleaseure to wachc kids with different helmets high five each other, pat each on the head, pick each other up celebrate to together and just genarally interact with their teammates. This is what the All Conference week and games is all about!!

2019 GCYFL SuperBowl



We witnessed 6 great games this past Saturday, with no team having more than a one score lead at the half, many games were tied or seperated by only a 2-point conversion.

In the Mighty Mite Division Grace Brethren was looking for an American Conference National Conference sweep while Camarillo was back for their first time since 2011. In the Bantam Division, Fillmore won their first ever Chapter Superbowl. The Freshman Division saw Saugus continue their dominance and win a third straight Superbowl, While in the Sophomore Division the Grizzlies came from 2 scores down in the 4th quarter to win on a pick six. The Junior Division saw Newbury Park win their 4th straight Title. The Senior Divsion proved to be the best game of the day needing overtime to decide a winner, and ultimatley it was the Wildcats defending their title, while winning 5 of 6 Superbowls since their Mighty Mite campaign.

A BIG THANK YOU to NEWBURY PARK STEELERS for hosting this years Superbowl, it was a great event and well organized with Great Food and Quality Merchandise.

Grace Brethren Lancers Black 24


Camarillo Cougars 6

Fillmore Raiders 8


Santa Clarita Wildcats 0

Saugus Spartans 20


Santa Clarita WIldcats 0

Santa Clarita Grizzlies 22


LA City Ducks 18

Newbury Park Steelers 30


Ventura Buccaneers 8

Santa Clarita Wildcats 18


Grace Brethren Black 12


2019 GCYFL American Conference Championships


2019 American Conference Champions

We would like to thank the Crossroads Tigers for doing an outstanding job hosting our Championship games as well as San Fernando Senior High School. The Weather was great, and the Football was incredible by all 12 teams. If you were in attendance and didn't order the Chicken and waffles you missed the second best aspect of the day.


Grace Brethren Black 28


Crossroads Tiogers 18


Santa Barbara Satins 38


Fillmore Silver 18


LA City DUCKS 40


Valley Thunder Storm 14


Santas Clarita Wildcats 18


Newbury Park 0


Santa Clarita Grizzlies 12


LA City Ducks 0


Oxnard Knights 60


Santa Barbara Saints 36

2019 GCYFL SuperBowl

2019 GCYFL Superbowl

will be hosted by the Newbury Park Steelers

at Newbury Park High Shchool

on Saturday November 16th

Congratulations to our Superbowl Finalist


#2 Grace Brethren Black vs #4 Camarillo

at 8:00 AM


#1 Fillmore vs. #2 SC Wildcats

at 10:15 AM


#1 Saugus vs. #2 SC Wildcats

at 12:30 PM


#1 LA City Ducks vs #2 SC Grizzlies

at 2:45 PM


#1 Newbury Park vs #2 Ventura

at 5:00 PM


#2 Grace Brethren Black vs #4 SC Wildcats

at 7:15 PM

2019 GCYFL Play-Offs

The 2019 GCYFL Play-Offs

are well underway and the American Conference Championship Games will be played this comming weekend at

San Fernando Senior High School.

We would like to Thank the Crossroads Tigers for Hosting this years Championship game and Congradulate our 2019 American Conference Champioship Participants.


#3 Grace Brethren Lancers Grey vs #4 Crossroads Tigers


#1 Santa Barbara Saints vs #3 Fillmore Raiders


#1 LA City Ducks vs #2 Valley Thunder Storm


#2 Santa Clarita Wildcats vs #4 Newbury Park Steelers


#1 Santa Clarita Grizzly Gold vs #3 LA City Ducks


#1 Oxnard Knights vs #3 Santa Barbara Saints

Balanced and Competitive play in our American Conference League is on display one agian this season as we only have one Chalk Seeding in the Championship Games.

Two #4 seeds advanced and Three #3 seeds advanced

2019 Season Announcements


Is expanding Again

We are Proud to Announce the addition of the

101 Rams

The 101 Rams are joining the GCYFL from Pop Warner were they have competed for the past 5 years. The Rams are based in the Westlake region of Ventura and Los Angeles Counties and we are excited to have a chapter back in this territory.


Is Proud to Announce the Addition of the


The Tigers are a Youth Sports Organization from the Eastern San Fernando Valley

The Crossroads Football Program grew out of their Wrestling Program and a merger with the Mid-Valley Titans. The Program looks to expand into Track and Field next season.

2018 GCYFL All Conference Games

The 2018 All Conference Games have been moved to Royal High School


Click here for practice shcedule updates

2018 GCYFL Post Season

Superbowl XIV

We saw another great day of football which was highligted by competiveness and camaraderie. We held a moment of silnce for the Victems of the Borderline Bar and Grill shooting and for the Fire Victem prior to Newbury Parks participation in the Junior Game. Once again Player's gave very thing they had, Coaches pulled out all the stops, Cheerleaders fired up the crowds and families brought energy and encouragement into the Stadium.

Thanks go to the Santa Clarita Wildcats and Valencia High School for steping in at the last second to host Superbowl XIV.

Might Mites

Santa Clarita Wildcats - 8

Fillmore Raiders - 0


Saugus Spartans - 34

Santa Clarita Grizzlies - 0


Grace Brethren Lancers - 18

Santa Clarita Grizzlies - 12


Newbury Park Steelers - 26

Saugus Spartans - 0


Santa Clarita Wildcats - 28

LA City Ducks Green - 20


Valley Thunder Lightening - 48

Saugus Spartans - 22


Super Bowl Change of Venue

Do the fire conditions in Ventura County the Super Bowl is being moved from Royal High School in Simi Valley to Valencia High School in Santa Clarita. All time will remain the same.

Superbowl XIV

Saturday Nov 10th, 2018


Might Mites - 8am

Santa Clarita Wildcats vs Fillmore Raiders

Bantam - 10:15a

Saugus Spartans vs Santa Clarita Grizzlies

Freshman - 12:30p

Grace Brethren Lancers vs Santa Clarita Grizzlies

Sophomore - 2:45pm

Newbury Park Steelers vs Saugus Spartans

Junior - 5:00pm

Santa Clarita Wildcats vs LA City Ducks Green

Senior - 7:15pm

Valley Thunder Lightening vs Saugus Spartans

Good luck to all our finalists.

2108 American Confernce Championships

Saturday was a beautiful day for Football in Santa Barbara. 75-80 degree with no wind and high wisping clouds. It was shorts and t-shirt weather all 14hrs we were at San Marcos High School, and the quality of football resembled the day and did not disappoint. The Saints were gracious hosts and had a killer BBQ going all day. I want to extend our thanks to the Santa Barbara Saints for their hospitality and offer a final congratulations to our finalists and Champions of the American Conference.

Mighty Mites

Grace Brethren Lancers Black - 26

Grace Brethren Lancer Red - 0


Oxnard Knights Blue - 46

Ventura Buccaneers - 28


Camarillo Cougars - 29

Saugus Spartans - 12


Camarillo Cougars - 20

Sanhta Paula Cardinals - 0


Fillmore Raiders - 14

Santa Paula Cardinals - 8


Santa Barbara Saints - 7

Santa Clarita Wildcats - 0

Our Superbowl games are set! Another weekend of amazing competitive battles.

Superbowl XIV

Saturday Nov 10th, 2018

Royal High School, Simi Valley

Might Mites - 8am

Santa Clarita Wildcats vs Fillmore Raiders

Bantam - 10:15a

Saugus Spartans vs Santa Clarita Grizzlies

Freshman - 12:30p

Grace Brethren Lancers vs Santa Clarita Grizzlies

Sophomore - 2:45pm

Newbury Park Steelers vs Saugus Spartans

Junior - 5:00pm

Santa Clarita Wildcats vs LA City Ducks Green

Senior - 7:15pm

Valley Thunder Lightening vs Saugus Spartans

Good luck to all our finalists.


GCYFL 2017 Post Season

Superbowl XIII

What a great day of competitive championship football. Player's gave very thing they had, Coaches pulled out all the stops, Cheerleaders fired up the crowds and families brought energy and encouragement into the Stadium.

Thanks go to the Simi Valley Bulldogs and Royal High School for hosting Superbowl XIII

Mighty Mites

Saugus Spartans - 38

Grace Brethren Lancers - 14


LA City Ducks - 12

Santa Clarita Wildcats - 8


Newbury Park Steelers - 20

Saugus Spartans - 18


Simi Valley Bulldogs - 8

Santa Clarita Wildcats - 6


Newbury Park Steelers - 30

Saugus Spartans - 28


Santa Clarita Grizzlies - 28

Simi Valley Bulldogs - 14

Congratulations to all our Superbowl Champions

Our American Conference Championships was a day for the record books. Some of the most competitive football games in our 13 year history. The average score differential was 5 points, 4 games were 2 points or less and our Junior Division finals went to 2 overtime periods.

Congratulations to all our finalist and to our Conference Champions

Mighty Mite

Camarillo Cougars - 22

Santa Clarita Grizzlies - 8


Mid Valley Titans - 14

Santa Barbara Saints - 12


Ventura Buccaneers - 12

Oxnard Knights - 8


Santa Clarita Grizzlies - 22

Ventura Bucaneers - 14


Santa Clarita Grizzlies - 28 2OT

Santa Barbara Saints - 26


Fillmore Raiders - 29

Camarillo Cougars - 28

Our Superbowl games are set! Another weekend of amazing competitive battles.

Superbowl XIII

Saturday Nov 11th, 2018

Royal High School, Simi Valley

Might Mites - 8am

Grace Brethren Lancers vs Saugus Spartans

Bantam - 10:10a

LA Ducks vs Santa Clarita Wildcats

Freshman - 12:20p

Newbury Park Steelers vs Saugus Spartans

Sophomore - 2:30pm

Simi Valley Bulldogs vs Santa Clarita Wildcats

Junior - 4:40pm

Newbury Park Steelers vs Saugus Spartans

Senior - 6:50pm

Simi Valley Bulldogs vs Santa Clarita Grizzlies

Good luck to all our finalists.




Wow, What a competitive weekend of football in the GCYFL!

A few upsets in the 1st round of the National Conference Superbowl Playoffs and in our Semi Finals for the American Conference Championship.

Please join us this Saturday Nov 4th @ Rio Mesa High School for our American Conference Champioship

Mighty Mite Division - 8am

Camarillo Cougars vs Santa Clarita Grizzlies

Bantam Division - 10:10am

Santa Barbara Saints vs Mid-Valley Titans

Freshman Division - 12:20 pm

Oxnard Knights vs Ventura Bucaneers

Sophomore Division - 2:30pm

Ventura Bucaneers vs Santa Clarita Grizzlies

Junior Division - 4:40pm

Santa Clarita Grizzlies vs Santa Barbara Saints

Senior Division - 6:50pm

Camarillo Cougars vs Fillmore Raiders

Thanks in advance to the Oxnard Knights our Host Chapter for the American Conference Championship

The First round of our American Conference Championship Playoff starts this weekend. Check our Schedule/Standing for posted schedule and match ups. Best of luck to all our participants.

2017 Season Update

Our 2017 Season is rolling on. There have been some great contests so far. Our National Conference and American Conference teams are battling for conference championships and preparing for their repective playoffs.

Remember - Save the Dates - Oct 17 & 18

Player Certifications for the playoffs.

*** Heat Guildlines for Practices and Games ***

USA Football and the GCYFL want to remind all our Coaches, Players, Cheerleaders, Volunteers and Parents regarding this week's heat wave.

With high temperatures and poor air quality in So Cal, now is the time to review and implement (if not already) your Organization's plans for practice modifications to minimize heat related illnesses and emergencies:

* Monitor your local air quality index (AQI) and follow recommendations for
outdoor activity.
* Follow local High School District or State Association guidelines and policies
regarding cancellations of practices and games - if the High Schools are
affected, youth programs will be as well.

Practice Modifications:
* Provide more water breaks
* Provide longer water breaks
* Set up a shaded area for breaks
* Remove equipment or decrease intensity of practice
* If possible, move to different, cooler time of day

Lets have safe and effective practices, minimizing risks of heat exhaustion.

Good Luck this weekend

2017 Season

Our GCYFL 2017 begins!!!!

Our regular season games begin Saturday, Aug 26th across Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. We look forward to very competitve games and outstanding sportsmanship from our players, coaches and parents.

Thank you to all our volunteers for you help with our player ceritification.

Thank you also goes to the LA Rams for donating tickets to the GCYFL for this weekend's Rams vs Chargers preseason game.

We are very proud to welcome back to the GCYFL the Grace Brethren Lancers.

We are also proud to announce that the following chapters have completed their 1 yr term as Associate Members and were voted in as Permanent GCYFL Members

Newbury Park Steelers

Carpinteria Jr. Warriors

Simi Valley Vikings

San Fernando Valley Warriors

Mid Valley Titans

2016 Play-Offs

Superbowl XII

What an amazing day of competitive football in Ventura. Thanks to our host chapter the Ventura Buccaneers.

Congratulations to our Superbowl Champions

Might Mites - Oxnard Knights

Bantam - Newbury Park Steelers

Freshman - Santa Clarita Wildcats

Sophomore - Newbury Park Steelers

Junior - Santa Clarita Grizzlies

Senior - Newbury Park Steelers

After 3 weeks of outstanding play off competition we have our Superbowl competitors

  • Mighty Mites - Oxnard Knights vs Saugus Spartans
  • Bantam - Santa Clarita Wildcats vs Newbury Park Steelers
  • Freshman - Ventura Buccaneers vs Santa Clarita Wildcats
  • Sophomore - LA City Ducks vs Newbury Park Steelers
  • Junior - Santa Clarita Grizzlies vs Santa Barbara Saints
  • Senior - Newbury Park Steelers vs LA City Ducks

These are expected to be some great contests. We enjoy everyone to join us at Larrabee Stadium, Ventura High School this Saturday. Games start at 9am.

What an exciting day we had at our American Conference Championships.

Congratulations to our Champions

Mighty Mites - Santa Barbara Saints

Bantam - Camarillo Cougars

Freshman - Santa Clarita Grizzlies

Sophomore - Santa Barbara Saints

Junior - Santa Clarita Grizzlies

Senior - Saugus Spartans

The GCYFL American Conference Championships begin Saturday Oct 22nd. Please see the schedule and playoff backets posted (see the tab on the left side menu).

Best of luck to all the teams!

As our regular season comes to a close, we look back on what a great season it has been. Our new chapters have brought added competition and new locations to visit. Teams, players and coaches have been pushed to be better and smarter.

The run to our American Conference Championship starts on Oct 22nd.

Our National Conference Superbowl Playoffs start on Oct 29th.

American Conference (formerly Division II) Championship Saturday November 5th @ Pacifica High School - Oxnard, CA

National Conference (formerly Division 1) Superbowl Saturday November 12th @ Ventura High School - Ventura, CA

GCYFL All Star Games - Saturday November 19th @ Notre Dame High School - Sherman Oaks, CA

Our First week of games are in the books. Please check our Schedule/Standing tab for game times and location changes.

The run to our 2017 Superbowl and Division II Championship have started.

2016 Update

The GCYFL has expanded again in 2016.

We are proud to announce the Santa Barbara Youth Football Saints have joined our Family.

Santa BarbaraSaints

An amazing start to our 2016 season, The GCYFL is proud to have 6 new chapters join our Football Family.

  • Simi Valley Vikings
  • Steelers Youth Football & Cheer
  • Santa Barbara Saints
  • Mid-Valley Titans
  • SFV Rush
  • SFV Warriors

This is looking to be a great season for our chapters, coaches and players. Now is time to get ready for our first games on August 27th.

2016 Update

The GCYFL is once again expanding. We would like to welcome the

Simi ValleyVikings

to our Football Family.

The GCYFL is proud to have 5 new chapters join our Tackle Football Family in 2016. We are excited to have these 5 quality programs as part of our organization and looked forward to the additional competition they will bring at all levels.

2016 Expansion

The GCYFL cotinues to expand our football family. We are pleased to announce the addition of the

Steelers Youth Football& Cheer

to our organization for the 2016 season

The GCYFL would also like to announce the addition of the


to our GCYFL Family for the 2016 season

2016 USA Football

The GCYFL is commited to the safety of all Athletes, no matter the team or chapter. We are pleased to be part of USA Footballs Heads Up tackling program.

We are proud to have Chris Rohlfing, GCYFL League Player Safety Coach attend the

2016 USA Football National Conference

2016 Season

The GCYFL is proud to announce our family is growing. We would like to introduce 3 new Chapters for our 2016 season

San Fernando ValleyWarriors

San Fernando Valley Rush

and the


will be joining the GCYFL for our 2016 season!

2105 Post Season

National Youth Football Championship Results



13 U Western- National Champion Santa Clarita Wildcats Seniors

SC Wildcats Seniors 31 v. Park City Miners, Park City Utah 8 (Ute Conference Champion)

SC Wildcats Seniors 22 v. Western Talons, Bakersfield 8 (GEYF Varsity Champion)

9 U American- National Champion Ventura Buccaneers Bantam

Ventura Buccaneers Bantam 34 v. Balboa Raiders 0 (SDFYC)

Ventura Buccaneers Bantam 39 v. Simi Valley Vikings Green 6 (PYFL)


Ventura Bucaneers - Freshman Team


California Bowl

Sacramento, CA

Game 1: Bucaneers 6 v Clovis Outlaws 0

Game 2: Bucaneers 16 v Huckies 14


11/21/15 Notre Dame High School

5:00 PM

GCYFL Santa Clarita Wildcat Seniors (11-0) 24


PYFL Santa Clarita Warrior Redskins (10-1) 18






Mighty Mites 8:00 AM

Santa Clarita Wildcats 16 v. Ventura Buccaneers 6

Bantam 10:15 AM

Santa Clarita Wildcats 20 v. Ventura Buccaneers 0

Freshman 12:30 AM

Ventura Buccaneers 6 v. LA City Ducks 0

Sophomore 2:45 PM

Santa Clarita Grizzlies 12 v. Saugus Spartans 6

Junior 5:00 PM

Simi Valley Bulldogs 34 v. Santa Clarita Wildcats 14

Senior 7:15 PM

Santa Clarita Wildcats 10 v. LA City Ducks 0

Congratulations to the 2015 Divisions 2 Champions

Mighty Mites

Oxnard Golden Knights


Oxnard Golden Knights


Fillmore Raiders


Crown Valley Jr Mustangs


Saugus Spartans


Westlake Braves

2015 Season

The GCYFL is proud to announce after extensive evaluation of our player weights over the past 6 years and watching trends in our communities from Ventura to the Santa Clarita Valley to Los Angeles, we have adjusted our weights to maintain the safest, most competitve football environment in Southern California.