2020 Season Announcement


Due to the current State restrictions on youth sports, general social distancing requirements and other health precautions, which include the closures of all parks and the inability to rent high school facilities, along with the decision yesterday by CIF to postpone all Fall High School sports until the second semester, January 2021, it is with great regret and disappointment that the GCYFL is officially cancelling our 2020 Fall Football Season. Based on the information at hand, this is the correct decision for the safety and health of our players and families.

As December nears, we will review the pandemic conditions and field availability options and research the possibility of hosting a winter Football Season; January thru April. We do not know what this season will look like, but all options are on the table at this time, and will be thoroughly addressing these options with more scrutiny in November and December.

The GCYFL Executive Board and its 20 Chapter Presidents want to thank you for your patience and understanding these past several months. We, as a board, will work hard and exhaust all options available to us, with the intent to try and make this season come together in a safe and productive environment for all involved.

Bennett Gill

GCYFL President

2020 Season Announcement


Is Proud to Announce the Addition of the


The North Valley Bears are a storied Franchise with over 50yrs of history. They are a founding member of the Valley Youth Conferencve and have been a Pop Warner Chapter for the past 5 seasons. The Bears decision to join the GCYFL was based on our age and weight compatability with their players and the safety and competition provided by the GCYFL to the North Valley Bears players through our organizational guidelines and Age and Weight Matrix.

The GCYFL looks forward to a long and prosperous relationship with this venerable franchise.

2020 Season Announcements


Is Proud to Announce the Return of the


Santa Paula was a founding member of the GCYFL in 2005 and after a year hiatus from the Organization both parties are excited about their reunion!

2020 Season Announcements


Is Proud to Announce the Addition of the


The Bengals are a Youth Sports Organization from the Sun Valley - Burbank area of the San Fernando Valley

The Thimsha Football Program grew out of their successful Track & Field program which has been opperating for the past 20 plus years.

2019 GCYFL Superbowl



We witnessed 6 great games this past Saturday, with no team having more than a one score lead at the half, many games were tied or seperated by only a 2-point conversion.

In the Mighty Mite Division Grace Brethren was looking for an American Conference National Conference sweep while Camarillo was back for their first time since 2011. In the Bantam Division, Fillmore won their first ever Chapter Superbowl. The Freshman Division saw Saugus continue their dominance and win a third straight Superbowl, While in the Sophomore Division the Grizzlies came from 2 scores down in the 4th quarter to win on a pick six. The Junior Division saw Newbury Park win their 4th straight Title. The Senior Divsion proved to be the best game of the day needing overtime to decide a winner, and ultimatley it was the Wildcats defending their title, while winning 5 of 6 Superbowls since their Mighty Mite campaign.

A BIG THANK YOU to NEWBURY PARK STEELERS for hosting this years Superbowl, it was a great event and well organized with Great Food and Quality Merchandise.

Grace Brethren Lancers Black 24


Camarillo Cougars 6

Fillmore Raiders 8


Santa Clarita Wildcats 0

Saugus Spartans 20


Santa Clarita WIldcats 0

Santa Clarita Grizzlies 22


LA City Ducks 18

Newbury Park Steelers 30


Ventura Buccaneers 8

Santa Clarita Wildcats 18


Grace Brethren Black 12



Update for our 2019 season - The GCYFL, after 7 years of having X-players in all divisons, continues to offer all players the opportunity to play with players in their age group.  We offer a safe place to play no matter how much or little your child weighs.  Our lighter players can play in a division with younger players. Our average weight players play against similar weights & ages, and our heaviest player are not forced to play up mulitple divisions as is found in other Football Leagues. We want enveryone to have a place to play without compromising safety and age appropriate competition.

The X-Player continues to catch on in Southern California as more organizations follow the lead of the GCYFL and add X-Players to their Age and Weight requirements across all their divisions.

In 2012 the Chapter Heads of the GCYFL unanimously voted YES to the final level of  the “X” Player Rule. After a gradual roll out of the rule for the previous 4 seasons, we now provide the opportunity for all players to participate in youth tackle football in their own age group. The first level of the “X” Player Rule was utilized at the Senior (12-14) division in the 2008 and 2009 seasons. The next level was rolled out in 2010 and again in 2011 when the youngest players in all divisions were given the opportunity to participate in the "X" Player program. In 2015 the X-Player rule was modified again when the NEW Age and Weight Matrix was introduced. The new Rules allow the middle age player in each division to have a Max weight as a skill player and a Max Weight as an X-Player, while eliminating the X-Player option from the oldest player in every Division other than Mighty Mites and Seniors. 

The rule allows a maximum of 3 "X" players on the field at any time per team, and they can ONLY play on the line of scrimmage, between the tackles. On Offense the player must be in an ineliglbe (covered) position. On defemse the player must be in a 3pt or 4pt stance.  To see the actual rule, please take a look at the rules document to the left. 

The GCYFL hopes to attract the many disenfranchised players who were previously unable to participate in youth football and help them to start learning this great game at a young age..

Overall, the GCYFL remains committed to maximizing safety for its participants as well as providing an opportunity for more children to enjoy the game of football. As it enters its’ fifteenth season, the GCYFL continues to grow in number of players and teams which is a direct reflection of the open mindedness and forward thinking of its’ member Chapters and Board of Directors.

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
    GCYFL 2021 Season